Family Tree Clothing is a family-owned business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Family Tree has many years of experience in the Health Care Industry. With providing personal care to individuals with limited mobility, we know dressing may be challenging to some individuals. We saw how important adaptive wear is in making dressing a more comfortable and stress-free solution for these individuals.

Family Tree Clothing has always had a passion for fashion. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to wear comfortable and fashionable clothing. Shop online 24\7 at or phone orders at 204-505-2424 during regular business hours.

When you look good, you feel good!!!

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is engineered to meet the needs of individuals with limited mobility. Any clothing and footwear designed specifically for seniors, the elderly, disabled adults and individuals who need assistance in dressing is considered adaptive. Typically, garments are fitted with additional design features like back snap fasteners, VELCRO® tabs and elasticized waistbands that replace traditional closures and seams. These features eliminate the pain and frustration from dressing that conventional clothing can cause by producing attire that is easy to put on and just as easy to disrobe.

A common misconception of adaptive apparel is that it is wheelchair user clothing or only for those with severe disabilities. While this clothing is extremely beneficial for these individuals, truly anyone who suffers from arthritis, limited dexterity in their hands, incontinence problems, Alzheimer’s, complications from MS /ALS, and even foot problems can enjoy the benefits of dressing with adaptive clothing.

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